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CBDfx CBD Mini Vape Kit


Everything you need to start vaping CBD is right here in this box. CBDfx’s all-new, pod-based Mini CBD Vape Kit is the ultimate CBD vape experience in a slim, discreet package. This compact yet sturdy vape comes with a USB charger and refillable pod, and boasts multiple power options to dial in that ideal CBD hit.

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So, you’ve graduated from disposable e-pens and you’re looking for a more powerful, cost-efficient, and long-lasting CBD vaping experience? You’ve come to the right place. Introducing CBDfx’s specially designed Mini CBD Vape Kit  – a compact, portable, pod-based way to keep a serving of CBD close at hand no matter where you are.

This all-in-one Mini CBD Vape Kit adheres to the same extremely high standards of quality you’d expect from CBDfx. Small details like the convenient USB charger (included) and battery indicator light make your life as easy as possible. Two power settings let you switch back and forth between “peak” and “micro” modes, so you can dial in the exact size and strength puff you’re looking for.

Most importantly, this Mini CBD Vape Kit was designed from the ground up to specifically be used for vaping CBD. Why does this matter? Other vape kits run too hot for CBD liquid, leading to burnt juice that imparts a harsh and unpleasant flavor. With the CBDfx Vape Kit, you’re getting the right temperature for a perfect CBD hit, each and every time.

With a surprisingly long-lasting 400mAh battery, you can vape without worrying about your kit losing charge too quickly. And when it does eventually run out, it only takes 45 minutes to come back up to fully charged capacity… so you’ll be back vaping delicious CBD vape juice in no time!

CBDfx’s pod style CBD Mini Vape Kit is a stylish CBD vape experience in a slim, discreet size. This compact, yet sturdy vape kit comes with a USB charger and refillable pod, and boasts multiple power options to dial in that ideal hit. Best of all, it’s universal pod compatible so you can swap out flavors or e-juices in mere seconds!

What’s included in the kit?
  • 1 x Vape Kit (universal pod compatible)
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x Ceramic 1.0mL refillable pod
  • Battery Type: Built-In 400mAh
  • Voltage Output Range: 3.9V – 4.3V
  • Charge Time: 45 minutes
  • Heat Time: Instant
  • Wick and ceramic compatible
  • Battery indicator lights

Please note, this kit is not supplied with any CBD E-Liquid. This can be purchased separately here. These items are dispatched separately from Prima CBD products and therefore may not arrive at the same time.


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